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Pre-built business dashboards, KPIs and reports

Equipped with monitoring of critical business parameters and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Business insights instantly

Power of data mining and visualization

Pre-built business dashboards
Various built-in dashboards and reports with drill-down and filters for instant start
Graphical representations
Data is plotted on graphs, charts, scorecards, etc. in addition to traditional tabular formats
Business trends
Compare data over years, quarters, months, and weeks to identify patterns and trends in your business

Holistic business insights

C-level executive dashboards

Dashboards for top management
Various dashboards for CEO, CFO, etc. which give integrated view of business operations and performance
Powered by KPIs
Monitor and improve business performance with a series of industry specific KPI dashboards
Notification and alerts
Set thresholds on various parameters to be automatically alerted when the conditions are met

MIS reports for business functions

Enterprise-wide reports

Sales reports
Sales by period, by geography, by product and more...
Financial reports
Accounts receivables, accounts payable, expense statements and more…
Inventory reports
Purchase, stock analysis, item-wise rates, quantity and value of stocks
Geographical sales report
Get the sales analytic data based on the geographical location
Voucher vice reports
Get the voucher vice data for paid and received instances