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    From raw data to business intelligence
    Integrated product for your Tally® instance which churns raw data in to meaningful business insights.


    Insightful Dashboards

    Sales, purchase, inventory, finance and many more data rich dashboards which are predefined to ease your journey of business intelligence from raw data.

    Key Peformance Indicators

    Track your business performance with our pre-defined and industry standard KPI sets. Set targets and thresholds on key data points and get notifications whenever the conditions are met.

    Talk to your Data

    Do not hunt for information. Simply talk to your data via our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered intelligent chatbot.

    Easy User Management

    Easily control user permissions so each user sees what they are required to. Create and configure users, assign them roles, define access control over dashboards and much more. Decide who can access Talligence over mobile devices via a native mobile app for that added layer of control.

    Secured Data Transfer

    Lightweight Talligence connector that leverages the power of Tally ODBC connections. Install it anywhere in your organization to allow easy selection of companies that you want to sync to the Talligence cloud. All data transfer happens over encrypted channels to our secured cloud with end-to-end encryption.

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    Talk to your data
    Ask for the information that you seek

    With Talligence, you can even talk to your business data. The innovative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven solution packs a suite of functionalities to closely monitor key business areas and derive intelligent analytics.

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