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Your security is our priority

Security of your Tally data and the data exported in the cloud is of prime importance to us. We have designed the architecture of the solution such that data at rest and data in motion adheres to the best security practices of the industry.

Talligence connector

The Talligence connector is stand-alone software that can be installed anywhere in your organization such that it can connect to your Tally® server via ODBC. Tally®, with it’s Open Database Connectivity, allows to dynamically exchange data between Tally. ERP 9 and any other application securely. Our Talligence connector makes use of this facility to securely connect to your Tally® data and sync the data to our secure cloud over encrypted channels.


Talligence portal

The Talligence portal is a comprehensive and agile analytics solution that unlocks your Tally® data to provide valuable business insights. We have built the portal to support application level security which lets the administrator of the portal control BI application access on a per-user role, or per-user basis. This includes a role-based menu system, which displays different menu options to different users based on their role. Moreover, we have a strong application activity auditing that logs end-user activity.

The administrator can also control which user gets access to Talligence on a mobile device and only those authorized mobile devices are able to connect to the Talligence data via a native mobile app.


Native mobile app

Talligence data on mobile devices is only presented via a native mobile app. This ensures that only those users who have been authorized by the administrator can access the data over mobile devices. A One-time Password (OTP) authentication is involved to register and link the mobile device with a secured authentication mechanism. This ensures that only those authorized access your Tally data and that too over only authorized mobile devices.