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Pre-sales queries

What exactly is Talligence?
Talligence is a unique AI and ML powered Business Intelligence and Analytics solution designed to get meaningful insights from your Tally® data. It enables one to compare Key Financial Performance (KPI) metrics of their business over the years. One can monitor and compare their assets, liabilities, incomes, expenses on an annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis. Moreover, all this is available anytime, anywhere, on any device - a web browser, tablet, or mobile.
Who should ideally subscribe to Talligence?
Business decisions are driven by the leadership of organizations like business owners, entrepreneurs, proprietors, CEO, CFO, sales head, purchase head, and similar department heads. Talligence is designed to deliver intelligent insights to these leaders to help them with accurate and timely decision making for their business.
Does Talligence display real-time data?
While the systems running Talligence connector are kept ON, the last updated data from Tally® ERP is displayed on your devices. So, if you keep a shorter frequency for the scheduler, you can get near real-time data. While systems running Talligence connector are turned OFF, Talligence will show last synchronized and analysed data.
I have multiple companies in my Tally® ERP. Can I access data for all companies?
Yes, you can access all the companies you have in your Tally® ERP. You can choose to query data for a company or multiple companies or for all companies. The number of companies that you can choose to sync depends on the license that you have subscribed.
I Use two (2) Tally licenses. Can I sync and access data from both Tally® installations?
No. Talligence connector will fetch Tally® data from any one instance of Tally® ERP in your company. You will need a separate connector to fetch Tally® data from another instance.
Do I always need the system on which the Talligence connector is installed - running?
No, the system is not required to run all the time. However, it is advisable to keep it running to keep getting the latest data from Tally® ERP. The scheduler built into Talligence connector fetches data automatically as defined in the schedule section of the connector. For data update on secured cloud servers of Talligence, the following is required: Talligence connector should be able to connect to the Tally® server. An indicator at the bottom of the Talligence connector will show the status of your connection. Internet should be available and the Talligence connector should be able to talk to the cloud servers. An indicator at the bottom of the Talligence connector will show the status. The scheduler in Talligence connector should be configured to sync automatically. Sync logs show the status of the sync.
What is the purpose of the connector?
Purpose of connector is to fetch the data from Tally ERP and sync it to the secured Talligence cloud database in an encrypted format.
How do I get started using the Talligence software?
To get Talligence installed within your company, please connect with one of our Partner in your city. Visit the Partner page on our website to locate one nearest to you.
What is the minimum recommended system configuration to install/run the connector?
We recommend the following minimum system configuration: OS: Windows 7 or higher, Processor: Intel Core i3, CPU: 2.3 GHz, RAM: 8 GB, HDD: 1 TB (SDD).
How to install the Talligence connector if the user wants to re-install it
Download the connector from the Talligence website and contact the channel partner or the Talligence team to assist.

Licensing and subscriptions

How much does it cost?
We offer various plans to suit every business need. Be it a small company or a medium enterprise – our flexible and cost-effective subscription plans cover them all. Moreover, with a choice of add-ons you can extend the capabilities of Talligence very easily. Please connect with a Partner in your city for more details. Visit the Partner page on our website to locate one nearest to you.
How do I pay for the initial subscription or renewal of my subscription?
You can pay for your initial subscription and/or renew in advance before your subscription expires. Please connect with the Partner through whom you subscribed.
Can I make the payment in any currency?
No. Currently we accept payments only in Indian rupees (INR).
Are there any discounts?
Talligence is expressly priced to be affordable. Please connect with your Partner for further details.
Is there a money back policy?
Nope. We do not offer refunds on cancellations. You can try a no-obligation trial for 15-days by requesting the same before purchasing the subscription.
Are there any hidden costs?
Absolutely not! Apart from what is mentioned in the Plans section, you do not need to pay anything else.
Can I switch between plans?
Absolutely! Talligence works on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at the time of renewal. Do note that no refunds will be paid in case of cancellation of an active subscription.
The AI powered virtual assistant looks interesting. How do I subscribe to it?
Subscription for the AI powered virtual assistant can be made on top of your active Talligence subscription. Premium plan includes an active subscription for the virtual assistant. Moreover, you can also additionally subscribe to it by purchasing it as a add-on.

Data security and privacy

Are my company’s data safe with Talligence?
Yes! We take security very seriously. Please refer to the Security section on our website for more details.
Do you or your employees access my data?
No, we do not access your data ever. The Talligence connector syncs your Tally® data to our secured cloud servers via encrypted communication channels. This data is processed by advanced analytical tools and is presented to you in the form of intelligent business insights.
I want to give access to my employees, but I do not want them to see all the data. Is it possible?
Yes, our permissions system lets you give limited access to users. You can give restricted permissions to each where they can only see the data of the permitted dashboards and reports.
What happens to my data when I cancel my account with you?
Once you cancel, we erase all the data that has been synced from your Tally® server and is associated with your account.

Talligence Mobile App

How do I get started on the native Talligence mobile app?
To start, you need to download the FREE Talligence Mobile App from the Google Play Store if you are installing on an Android phone. If you are using Apple, then download the same from the Apple Store. An active subscription to Talligence is required and you should have been authorized to use the Talligence Mobile App by your company’s administrator. You shall receive an OTP for authentication on the registered number. Enter the OTP and begin using the mobile app.
How does the mobile app work?
The mobile app connects to the secure Talligence cloud servers to fetch data. Only those accounts which have been authorized to access Talligence mobile app will be able to login. Before they can start accessing the app, a one-time authentication is required via OTP mechanism.
Do I have to pay anything extra to run the Talligence mobile app?
Talligence mobile app is FREE and part of your subscription. The app requires active connection to the Internet – either via Wi-Fi or mobile data services. This is the only thing that you may pay extra for.
What if I change my mobile device or the phone number?
You can change your mobile device, or phone number anytime. In both the cases, you will need to go through the mobile device validation process once again.
What if my mobile or tablet is lost or gets stolen? What happens to the data?
Do not panic! You can de-select access of Talligence to the mobile app for the registered phone number and device through the admin console. This will cut the access to the mobile app.